Quality Management

Our safety and quality management systems have been developed and refined over more than 20 years. They are internationally recognised and certified, and have developed to not only meet, but exceed, industry standards and legislative requirements.

Our quality processes are a disciplined system of planning, budgeting, reviewing, testing, inspecting, auditing and reporting on the quality of the contracts we undertake. The program reinforces ARA Property Services’ commitment to excellence.

Quality Management Systems

ARA Property Services’ management systems address service implementation and continuity, risk management, environmental management and customer relationship management.

Our Quality Management System is a disciplined system of planning, budgeting, reviewing, testing, inspecting, auditing and reporting on the quality of the service we undertake. This system is integral in assisting us and our staff in delivering a service that is of the highest standard.

Our performance-measuring system has the capacity, not only to measure our performance from the internal customer perspective, but also to monitor and report any non-conformance’s that may arise.

Our Quality Inspection Reports accurately measure the standard of service being provided and evaluate our customers’ response to the service. These reports and ratings act as a tracking mechanism of our operatives and their work. Our Quality Management System includes:

  • Periodic quality inspections by our Account Manager in partnership with a customer representative.
  • Periodic quality inspections (Internal) by Site Managers ensuring scope is being met.

Our Quality Inspection Reports are automated and uploaded, in real-time, to our Electronic Customer Relationship Management system (ECRM), giving instant access to our customers.

WHS (formerly OH&S) Management System 

We ensure that all necessary WHS systems are established and implemented for the safety of our staff and our customers. We perform these systems for each contract to ensure the safety of our customers, their staff and patrons and our employees.

Our vigorous WHS Management System includes assessing for risk, planning and mitigating risk along with extensive training and constant assessment of safe work methods. 

Environmental Management System

We strive, within our technical and financial capabilities, to protect the environment during the planning and conduct of our business operations. We define green cleaning as cleaning effectively to create healthy buildings while at the same time reducing our environmental impacts. New technologies and processes make it possible to clean effectively and efficiently with less impact on health and the environment.

Green cleaning is not just about using environmentally friendly products, it is comprehensive and involves an assessment of the unique needs of each facility and its occupants, as well as cleaning chemicals, equipment, paper products, procedures and training.

We have developed several programs internally and in partnership with our customers to support environmentally sustainable practices in our day to day operations:

  • We draw upon our longstanding partnerships with suppliers so that we are made aware of environmentally sustainable innovations in technology and equipment for use in our operations. The use of biodegradable and microfibre technology is prevalent throughout our operations.
  • We have an internal energy efficiency program that we implement in partnership with our customers where possible.
  • We have a Sustainable Work Practices program that is constantly reviewed by our EHS team to ensure compatibility and implementation on our contracts.
  • Our Waste Management Education program has been a successful program implemented in partnership with our customers that educates and reinforces reuse and recycling practices.

ISO Certification:

Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015

Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015

Occupational Health and Safety Management System AS/NZS 4801: 2015

Occupational Health and Safety Standards OHSAS 18001:2007


Compliant to Environmental Cleaning Policy 2012

Compliant to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

WHS Standards

Australian Standards

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