Technology is a strategic pillar in our company. It’s not just about using technology to make our lives easier, it’s about taking a well-thought-out approach in order to constantly review our processes and workflows. Incorporating technology allows us to get a more effective and efficient output for our customers. That’s why we use smart phones and tablets with our software systems to ensure that our internal workflows are the most efficient they can be.

We record data and images and feed them directly into our Electronic Customer Relationship Management System (ECRM).

We have worked with developers to create our own applications that are customised to the needs of our customers and give us the most efficient and paperless workflows that we can achieve.

Our Electronic Customer Relationship Management System

Our ECRM is a tailor-made system developed to deliver a higher level of service to our customers; streamlining internal processes to make them more efficient.

Our ECRM is a web-based system that allows customers to access our services instantly. They can log into the system using a specified password and log any cleaning and maintenance requests they may have. Customers have the choice of logging requests directly into the ECRM or calling and/or emailing our National Customer Service Centre. Once a request is logged, it is given a time frame for action and sent directly to our account managers, supervisors and cleaners.

Our ECRM has been a successful tool in cutting customer request wait times dramatically. From requesting the clean-up of a spill to a request for more tissues for their office, the system caters for all. Customers can also view the live status of their request at any time through the ECRM. This means they know when and who the request has been allocated to and can view any comments made. Our National Customer Service Centre will monitor the progress of each request to ensure it is performed and signed off within the given time frame. Any request that is not actioned on-time is escalated to Customer Service/Operations Management.

Regardless of how a customer wishes to contact ARA Property Services, whether it is direct via our ECRM, phone, fax or through email, our ECRM will record, monitor and report on requests, giving our customers open and transparent communication.