Congratulations to Cassie and Dilini who have progressed internally to new roles within ARA Property Services.

Both Cassie and Dilini begun their career with ARA in the National Client Services Centre attending to client calls and enquiries.

Cassie, who started with ARA over four years ago, has now moved into an operational role as a Client Relationship Manager working closely with clients and cleaning operational staff on the ground.

Victoria/Tasmania State Manager Lyall Johaan said that Cassie displayed exceptional client liaison and interpersonal skills.

“Cassie demonstrates sound navigation through issues under pressure, always putting clients’ needs first. These are qualities that are a necessity for contract management.

Dilini who has worked at ARA for just under a year has also progressed into an operations admin role where she looks after a key contract in a support role.

Lyall says that Dilini has showed exceptional leadership and professionalism when liaising with clients and displayed the key attributes to act as the primary support mechanism for the key contract.

“As a manager, it is extremely rewarding to see an individual grow and progress in their career here at ARA,” Lyall said.


From left: Dilini, Lyall and Cassie