ARA Property Services’ cleaning staff are trained in the maintenance of hard floors and restoring the appearance of all floor types, from concrete and timber to vinyl, stone and ceramic tiles. We offer internal and external floor cleaning services, hard floors strip and seal, buffing, burnishing, mechanical scrubbing, and safe chemical spill response cleaning.

We offer a high level of expertise when it comes to industrial and commercial floor cleaners and use the latest equipment available. ARA Property Services is also available 24/7 for emergency floor restoration, sub floor drying and structural drying.

Mechanical Scrubbing

For floors that undergo a high amount of foot traffic, ARA Property Services recommends mechanical scrubbing for hard to remove grime, grease and dirt found indoors and out. We can treat all floor types used in internal spaces, kitchen areas, bathrooms and walkways, such as marmoleum, vinyl and tiles. We also offer scrubbing and deep cleaning for outdoor seating areas, smoking areas, car parks and other external spaces subject to rain, dirt, mould and debris build up.

Hard Floors Strip & Seal

ARA Property Services can be engaged for hard floors that need stripping, sealing and buffing. We clean and maintain hard floors of any surface type. Our cleaners are equipped with the latest technology and have undergone training with the manufacturer or provider to ensure safe and efficient use of all equipment. Given our partnerships with manufacturers, we are able to customise machines based on the service and the site.


As well as buffing floors, ARA Property Services offers burnishing for polished floors with a brighter shine. The high speed of our burnishing machines delivers a fast and effective clean with an immaculate finish.